I dreamt I was baking lead-laced cupcakes

Sailing is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. It stress-tests every part of you. Your brain (logic, creativity, comprehension, problem-solving, map-reading, electricity- and plumbing-learning, tides and currents understanding; oh, and also PHYSICS, which is code for MATH PLUS SCIENCE. aka Hell. This is a woman who loves the oxford comma, for crying out loud.), your phisical (including the ability to keep going even when you’re tired) and emotional (fortitude + courage included) strength; and most importantly, the ability to think and act at a moments notice. Calmly, if possible. Nature rules, and she changes her mind often and without notice. Decisions are your lifeline.


Your mind and body can stop intermittently, can ease up and take in the scenery, can (and must) rest when it’s safe to do so, but they cannot shut down completely. Some days are harder than others, but every day brings the promise of the best end of the day there is. A beautiful anchorage, something cooking on the grill, a cold cocktail, some writing or reading, and then the most cherished: sleep.

Delicious slumber. The exception to the rule of staying “on” always and all ways. Restorative nectar. One of my most treasured and valued past times. Mind off.

Last night I dreamt that I was fixing the head (Code for bathroom! Sailing also comes with learning a whole new language for things that we already have words for. Like bathroom. Yay for one more skittle to pack into that over-stuffed, Abba-lyrics-addled brain!), and at some point I was caulking or painting or some such, and thought, now I shall make some cupcakes. Hey, this stuff looks like frosting! Shortcut, yo (if writing this for Huff Post, I would call it a “baking hack!”). And so I topped my cupcakes with lead-based ganache, and handed them out to anyone who wandered by.

Night before last I dreamt my soon-to-married girlfriend told me she and her boyfriend had decided to take a “working honeymoon,” meaning travel for work=their honeymoon. And she was wearing a cupcake on her head as a hair accessory. So, Scratch that whole thing about sleep and mind off.

I read somewhere once that sailing isn’t a vacation; it’s a vocation. She was right. And I’m so, so glad it’s more than worth it.


P.S., nevermind about the cupcakes. Zippato.


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